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WHO are we?
The idea of a “wishflagline’ was devolped in 2006 by photographer Florine Visser. Over the years this idea evolved into the project we have today; an ever growing line of wishes that have been made and seen in many different places, by many different people.
WHY are we doing it?
The Wishes in Motion project wants to challenge people to think about the concept of wishing. Making wishes for someone else, a mother or grandad, a friend, or even for the world in general, stimulates thought about others and what they might wish for. The wishflag line therefore becomes a collection of wishes made for everyone. We like to bridge the gap between people, countries and cultures, by encouraging solidarity between them. Hundreds of flags on a line becomes one wish in the end; we all want something good for another.
WHERE are we doing it?
The line can be made and exibited in virtualy any place. We combine the making of the flags (the workshop) with the making of the exhibition, the photo’s or video’s. We are aiming to get people from different places and backgrounds involved, so it becomes a truely intercommunial and worldwide project.
WHAT do we do?
Wishes in Motion is a social-community art project from the Netherlands and travels around the world. Wishes in Motion organizes workshops in which people are asked to expess their wishes on a white flag of fabric (A4) using different materials. All flags are sewn to a line and later attached to the ever-growing mainline. The mainline contributes more than thousand flags now and is over 400 meter. The wishflagline is exhibited in various landscapes in its full lenghth and provides a strong visual image.
WISH to join?
Do you wish to contribute in any way? Would you like to make a flag, invite the project to your school, festival, organisation or community? Please contact us trough the contact page.
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